Monday 4 February 2013


Area of Expertise.
With an extensive business experience and multi-faceted database we are able to cater to Senior, Middle & Junior level with different areas of specializations. We provide exceptional services for a multitude of emerging client requirement, guaranteeing successful candidate matches for clients thereby adding human capital values to their business.  We are perfectly positioned to deliver fast high quality searches to support the organization vision. Leo Marshell has been distinct in the following industrial practices throughout the decade:
Industrial & Manufacturing
India is ranked second in terms of manufacturing competence, according to report '2010 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness. we currently have a focus on the Industrial Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Automotive, Transport, Chemical & Energy Sectors and our proud of our successful track record in concluding searches for senior functional and management positions.

 Industrial Manufacturing
 Semiconductor / Embedded System
 Aerospace & Defence
 Energy & Utilities
 Environmental Services & Equipment

Healthcare & Life sciencesHealthcare has emerged as one of the most progressive and largest service sectors in India. Indian has carved a place for themselves in all the international medical industry by their intelligence, diligence, skill and a genuine compassion for the profession making them the preferred choice of the healthcare centres, worldwide. We specialize in searches throughout all functional areas from Basic Reasearch & Discovery, Sales & Marketing, Clinical Development, Regulatory Affairs, as well as back office functions.
 Medical Devices
 Life Sciences

Information Technology / TelecommunicationTechnology is booming with lot of opportunities as of now. Most organizations are seeking to implement change and control their business functions in a more efficient manner. Rapid development in communication and networking technologies ensures that our only limitations are those within our minds. We have an enviable track record in helping candidates further their carriers in a wide number of innovative and dynamic organizations.
 Enterprise Software
 Storage / Data Centre Solutions
 Networking / Infrastructure / Security
 Telecommunication / Wireless Services / Content Providers
 Cloud Computing
 System Integrations

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