Thursday 10 August 2017

Oppotunity to attend the direct interview in India & Dubai for HSC Northern Ireland, UK!!

Dear Doctors,

 It's a time  for Migrating to UK. Yes, We have  direct interview in India& Dubai  for HSC Northern Ireland, trust, UK Opening,

It's a good opportunity to meet the HSC trust doctor  & enhance your carrier with HSC trust.

We have opening  in the following Dept: Internal Medicine, general Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Geriatric , Respiratory.

The HSC team will recruit More than 30 doctors for their trust, so kindly refer your friends or colleagues, who are interested for NHS trust Jobs.

They will offer attractive salary with addtional benefits..

If you are interested for this opening, just drop a mail to or +918056276445.

#Internal Medicine #General Medicine #Emergency Medicine #Respiratory #Geriatric # UK Jobs.

1 comment:

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