Wednesday 20 February 2013

How one can make a little role so important ?

A top business leader who made waves in the Information Technology industry was on a business trip to Tokyo. He was always very humble and shared all his success with his employees. After all his meetings, he went to a shopping mall to buy chocolates and gifts to his employees back in his country.

As he entered the mall a little lady gave a warm smile and welcomed him, he was very touched, felt good, and was not able to forget the warmth in her smile. He was noticing her as he was shopping; she was giving the same smile to all the customers who walked into the mall.

The business leader started wondering if she was every fed up doing the same thing again and again, he walked up to her and asked, "My dear lady, are you not tried of doing this job, and how long have you been doing this?"

The lady smiled and said, " No sir, I am working here from the last 10 years and I like my job."

The business leader was shocked and asked, “Why you have been doing this for 10 years, and why do you like your job?"

The lady smiled again and said, " Sir, because I am serving my country."

This was a little amusing for the business leader. He said," You are serving your country by smiling?"

The little lady said, "Yes sir, I smile and all the customers coming to the mall feel happy and relaxed. They shop more, my boss is happy, and pays me more. Since I am paid more, I can take care of my family. Since I can take care if my family, they are happy. As all the customers buy from us, the demand for goods is more and since the demand is more, there are many factories. Since there are many factories there are many jobs. Since there are jobs, people in the country are happy.

As most of our customers are foreigners, there is foreign exchange. Since there is foreign exchange, our country has lot of money and is richer every day. And people like you who are happy with our service visit our country more often and some time you will tell your family and friends too. My country gets more visitors, more money, more jobs and has more happy people. That's how I serve my country."

Amazed with her attitude, the business leader thanked her and came back to his country. He worked hard to incorporate the same attitude among his employees, and today his company is one of the best companies in the world.

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